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We only take bookings online with valid UK/Ireland credit or debit cards.
Absolutely. When you make a payment, you specifically pay for a 24-hour (or longer) rental of our greeting signs. It's crucial to understand that these displays remain the exclusive property of WE DO GREETINGS LTD. You are not purchasing the signs; they are for the rental period only.
If, for any reason, you need to cancel your order, you must do so 14 days in advance to receive a full refund. When you placed the order, you would have received an email from the local installer in your area. This email confirmation would contain the installer's telephone number and email address. Don't hesitate to contact them directly to discuss your refund eligibility. If for any reason you can't find your original order reference, please email info@wedogreetings.co.uk, where our team members will assist you.
"Delivery" refers to the set-up and installation of the greeting sign. The service also includes taking down and collecting the sign, all of which are included in the rental price.
Yes, you can – with one stipulation. There must be at least one adult in the home where we will be installing who is aware of our arrival, and you must share our terms and conditions with them. We wouldn't want to spoil any surprises; however, it is vital that someone at the property is aware of our policies and knows that we will be coming at an agreed time. If the property we are delivering to, is not your main residence, please indicate clearly their details within the Installation Information Form at the time of booking.
The display pieces are water-resistant and designed for outdoor use. However, sprinklers can cause issues due to their repetitive motion, damaging the signs. Therefore, we kindly request that you turn off your sprinklers while the greeting display is on your property.
Just like a garden, our greeting signs vary in length and size. You can specify where you would like your sign installed on the rental form, and we will do our best to accommodate that request. Ultimately, we will install your sign in the area of your lawn that best ensures visibility based on the display size. Sometimes we need to follow the curves of your lawn; at other times, a straight but angled installation is best; and occasionally, multi-levels are needed for narrower gardens. If your garden is too steeply sloped, installation on a patio or hardstanding may be required.

Refunds will NOT be issued based on the following reasons:

  • If the hirer requests the removal of signs after the installation has already occurred.
  • If an incorrect address is provided during booking.
  • Any circumstances beyond our control that prevent the display setup (e.g., locked personal property gates preventing access, loose animals, unexpected severe weather post-installation causing sign damage, etc).
  • Criminal actions or negligence occurring after the sign's installation.
Greeting Signs are fun and meant to add to your occasion. We will not do any greetings that contain lewd, disrespectful language or that are not positive in nature.
  • DO treat them with respect. We will set up and break it down. There is no reason you need to move them. (There will be a charge for signs lost or damaged while in your possession.)
  • DO NOT attach anything to our signs (including string, streamers, balloons, etc.)
  • DO NOT attach anything to our base stands. Do not stand or walk on our stands. Do not remove any weights from our base stands.
  • Keep dogs and children away from the signs for their safety and protection of the signs.
  • Please do not mow or have any landscaping done while the signs are in the garden. Grass clippings stain the letters. There will be a £20 cleaning charge for letters dirtied by mowing whilst in your possession during the hire period.
  • DO feel free to take pictures of your sign and tag us on Facebook and Instagram. We love seeing the smiles of WE DO GREETINGS recipients!
We only transact in GBP (£).